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City of Naples – Hurricane Ian construction permitting
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Due to the damage associated with Hurricane Ian, Naples City is temporarily altering routine construction permitting and inspections for repairs to damaged structures

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To aid in the timely removal of homes that have been severely damaged by the storm surge from Hurricane Ian that would otherwise become potential mold issues, the Building Department will be making the following allowances.


Pertaining ONLY to demolition of homes that have damage caused by Ian:

Permit fees will be waived:

  • Permit fees for the demolition of homes impacted by Hurricane Ian with more than 18 inches of water within the structure and are assessed as major per FEMA initial damage assessment guidelines will be waived.


Temp Use construction fence permit will not be required EXCEPT FOR PORT ROYAL SITES:

  • We will still require a silt fence on three sides to protect the street and neighboring properties from erosion. The silt fencing will need to be in place at the time of the pre-demo inspection.
  • We would like to see construction fencing in place using panel stands (see image below) where possible along sides and rear to protect the site and neighboring homes while still allowing for quick breakdown and reuse.


Pre demolition inspection will still be required:

  • We will still require a stabilized access point for bringing materials and equipment on and off the site.
  • We will also require a source of water that will be used during the demo to prevent airborne dust and debris from leaving the site during all phases of demolition.
  • Tree protection fencing will still be required as normal and will be check during the pre-demo inspection.
  • Please contact our compliance inspectors or permitting department to request a pre-demo inspection.


14 Day notices may be expedited:

  • If you are able to obtain signed letters from all adjacent properties stating whether or not they want monitoring you will not need to wait the 14 days.


For any further questions please contact the Building Department at 239-213-5020




City Of Naples Building Department





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