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Attention all Contractors, Builders and Homeowners – Miami-Dade County
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The MRC (Miami Riverside Center) and the City of Miami Building Department office will be open to the public tomorrow, Thursday, November 10th, from 7:45 am to 4:30 pm. All the inspections will be back to normal. If you need any assistance please call us at General Information: (305) 416-1100 / Unsafe Structures: (305) 416-1177 or email us at <>


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The City of Miami is now under a Tropical Storm Watch.

Effective immediately, and in preparation for the Tropical Storm force winds that will bring Tropical Storm Nicole to our area, the City of Miami Building Department is cancelling all the inspections until further notice. We will keep monitoring and evaluating the evolution of the conditions of the storm in our community and we will have an update as conditions change. 

Effective immediately, be informed that all the construction job sites should be ready to ensure compliance with storm preparations pursuant to Chapter 10-9 of the City of Miami Code and Chapter 8 of the Miami Dade County Code. Sites that do not comply will be issued a Stop Work Order and consequently issued a Violation. 

Properties that require temporary flood barriers as a condition to the Certificate of Occupancy must ensure they are installed. Also, the City of Miami Building Department hereby advises all permits that are special events and  temporary uses are required to comply with the Wind Management Plan, and other notations, on the permitted, or submitted, documents immediately.  Please note that some of these actions may include immediate removal and or disassembly of temporary structures.

In the event of closure The Building Department Office will continue to work remotely, if you have any questions please contact us at

 Asael “Ace” Marrero, Director

                                                             City of Miami Building Department

The following excerpts from the Miami-Dade County and City of Miami Code of Ordinances are to be complied with in the event that hurricane watches and/or warnings are posted for the City of Miami. 

Pursuant to Miami Code Section

Sec. 10-9. – Securing of constructions sites when under emergency weather warning(s) or watch(es).

(a) All city permit holders are required to secure their construction sites when an emergency warning or watch as is relates to weather phenomena or any other warning or watch for which an unsecured construction site could become detrimental to the health, safety, and welfare of the community has been declared affecting the city.

(b) All city permit holders are required to secure the construction sites and surrounding areas as required by the department of resilience and public works from actions including, but not limited to, soil erosion, discharge of water or sediments into the storm drains or waterways, discharge of waste water from excavations into the storm drains or waterways, and discharge of oils or oil compounds into the storm drains or waterways.



Pursuant to Chapter 8, Section 8-16 of the Building Code – Special Hurricane Inspections:

(a) During such periods of time as the National Weather Service has issued a severe weather advisory that is in effect for Miami-Dade County, best efforts must be used so that all furniture, display racks, material and similar loose objects in exposed outdoor locations, including loose material of projects under construction are secured or otherwise appropriately braced to rigid construction or stored in buildings to the extent practicable given the conditions. Orders shall be oral or written and shall be given to any person on the premises most logically responsible for maintenance and such orders shall be carried out before winds of tropical storm velocity are anticipated(b) After winds of the velocity associated with a severe weather event are experienced and have subsided, the Building Official shall investigate to determine if damage has occurred to buildings or other structures. (c) No building or other structure or assembly or part thereof, which was damaged or collapsed or out of plumb or line shall be repaired or altered or otherwise returned to its original position without inspection and approval by the Building Official.

Pursuant to Chapter 8B, Emergency Management; Section 8B-18 – Requirement To Secure Loose Materials:

“Loose Object” is any object contained in any outdoor location of any residential, commercial, and industrial property in incorporated and unincorporated Miami-Dade County that may become windborne during a severe weather event including but not limited to outdoor furniture such as chairs and tables, display racks, bicycles, toys, loose debris, bulky waste, gardening supplies, household items, and business or industrial supplies or materials.

When a severe weather advisory is issued for Miami-Dade County, or any portion thereof, any loose object as defined herein shall be secured by either: (a) storage of such loose object in a building or structure or (b) bracing, bundling or fastening such loose object to a fixed structure or otherwise in a manner sufficient to prevent such loose object from becoming windborne during a severe weather event or in such manner determined by the County or municipal official charged with enforcing this requirement that will prevent such loose object from being windborne during a severe weather event.

Pursuant to Chapter 8E – Cranes and Hoisting Equipment; Section 8E – Hurricane Preparedness:

(1) Hoisting Equipment shall abide by all manufacturers’ recommendations relating to hurricane preparedness including any relating to the placement and removal of advertisement banners, the use and removal of rigging. (2) Tower crane turntable must be lubricated prior to the event. (3) Mobile cranes with fixed booms must be laid down whenever feasible. (4) Hydraulic cranes must have booms retracted and stored. (5) Any counterweighted hoist must have the counterweight locked below the top tie-in. (6) Tower crane must be set in the weathervane position. (7) All rigging must be removed from the hoist block. (8) All power at base of tower shall be disconnected by a general contractor. (9) A hurricane preparedness plan which conforms with the requirements of this section shall be available at the site for inspection.

Courtesy: Miami-Dade County




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