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Apps for the Development Community Coming to Sarasota County Summer 2023 – Sarasota County



Accela Civic Apps

for the

Development Community

Coming to Sarasota County

Summer 2023

How will the new system help me?

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Starting in 2022, Sarasota County began the process of replacing its current Planning and Development Services’ system with a new program called Accela Civic Apps, which is already used by Manatee, Charlotte, Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco and Polk counties, along with the City of Tampa. If you’re a builder, developer, architect, contractor or anyone who plans to work in Sarasota County, here’s what you need to know.

•  Because many of the members of the local construction community also operate in neighboring counties that use Accela, users should be relatively familiar with how the program works.

•  The program is built on the experiences of hundreds of Planning and Building departments throughout the country and Florida, which will allow Sarasota County to apply clear, standardized processes to the local construction industry.

•  Improved and quicker solutions and updates will be developed via the West Florida Accela User Group, a group comprised of Accela users from agencies throughout West Florida.

•  Digital plan review software will allow contractors, engineers, or architects to submit and revise (including edits with versioning) building plan sets, subdivision plans and site development plans. The software will verify embedded engineering certification seals and signatures and complies with the Florida Board of Professional Engineering and Florida Board of Architecture and Interior Design Rules.

• Customers will be able to upload plan sets through the same county web portal they use when applying for permits. This will ensure that the customer and county are always working on and accessing the same plan set or sheet version. No more transporting plan sets to the building department.

•  Workflows will be streamlined and simplified, speeding the intake, review, and permit issuance process.

•  Accela will keep users’ confidential information private and secure.

•  An improved GIS map interface will allow customers to locate their property and start multiple requests using an auto-populating web form.

•  Accela’s flexible interface runs on all major browsers and mobile devices, allowing Apple or Android smartphone users to order inspections and pay fees while in the field.


Frequently Asked Questions

Accela Civic Apps for the Development Community

Why is the county switching permitting systems?

The county’s current system was installed in 2004 and last updated in 2012. It is nearing the end of its functional life, and the move to Accela will provide a standardized, cloud-based solution that is easily configured and maintained with the latest product updates.

Who else is using Accela Civic Apps?

Manatee, Charlotte, Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco and Polk counties, and the City of Tampa all use Accela with high satisfaction.

How long will this transition last?

The county anticipates that Accela will fully launch by September 2023.

Will training be provided on how to use Accela?

Sarasota County will launch a new customer portal that will be easy to understand and use. A variety of training tools will be provided to support common questions and challenges, such as how to use the new Digital Plan Room feature. In addition, the county will keep its customers informed with progress emails throughout the process.

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