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Elite Permits is a family owned and operated business, where you can become part of the Elite Permits family. We strive to provide a high level of service to our clients and to help in the creation and maintenance of safe, code compliant communities.

We are a young company with big dreams. We have been in business for just over 7 years and, in this short amount of time, we have become a well-known name in our community for the service we provide.

We are now expanding into new markets and, because of this, we are looking to hire qualified individuals to become part of our big dream and join the Elite team.

We need dedicated, self-motivated individuals who have a passion for the construction industry and enjoy helping others. We are a third-party provider which processes permits, conducts plan review, and performs building inspections in lieu of the local government. We need people with experience in the construction field and with excellent customer service skills.

  • Because you want to work for a company that cares about you and those that you work with.
  • We care about our team members and embrace all our employees as a part of the Elite Family. Our business models have been developed so that everyone can do an amazing job while at work, and after hours & weekends everyone can enjoy their families. We are a family-oriented business.
  • We offer health, vision, and dental coverage, and we cover 50% of the cost of each plan for our employees.  
  • We offer a 401k plan savings for retirement with a matching contribution of up to 3%. 
  • We offer paid holidays and paid time off (PTO) for our full-time employees. 

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In this position, you will interact with clients who need assistance with their permitting process, which includes, but is not limited to: new construction, remodeling projects, and existing structures being repaired, remodeled, or enlarged. You will guide our clients through the process by providing necessary requirements, applicable forms, and reassuring them that we are here to make their process easier.  Essential Functions  Tasks include reviewing plans, reviewing specifications, and reviewing construction documents to identify if and what type of permit is required.  You must be able to read and understand blueprints and technical drawings. Duties include, but are not limited to:
  • Determining the jurisdiction and requirements for the desired permit to be processed.
  • Customizing a list of requirements in accordance with each client’s needs.
  • Filling out paperwork associated with different jurisdictions and recording same.
  • Managing, monitoring, and updating clients on the progress of each permit.
  • Promoting continuous quality monitoring and improvement on projects.
  • Exercising tact and courtesy when dealing with clients.
  • Ensuring that project requirements are met and compliant with inspections specifications, requirements, and policies.
  • Providing excellent customer service.
  • Generating and providing new ideas as an Elite team member to help us become an even better company.
Required Qualifications: 
  • Proficient with internet use & Microsoft Office suite.
  • Must be very organized to manage multiple projects simultaneously.
  • High school diploma. College degree desired.
  • English speaker. Bilingual – English-Spanish desired but not required.
  • Experience in the construction field, environmental field, or customer service.
 Compensation:  $16.00 / hr. to $19.00 / hr.

**Currently hiring for our Sarasota office only.**

In this position, you will inspect buildings that are being built or are undergoing construction to include:  new construction, remodeling projects, and existing structures being repaired, remodeled, or enlarged ensuring the structural integrity of the buildings, and compliance with building codes and applicable ordinances.  You will approve completed work and/or cite and document code compliance violations and provide advice to builders and property owners on code and permit requirements.  

Essential Functions 

Tasks includes reviewing plans, permits, and construction documents for compliance with various codes and local ordinances pertaining to building construction. You must be able to read and understand blueprints and technical drawings. Duties include but are not limited to: 

  • Determining whether changes may be required in plans, due to field conditions, and making recommendations to contractors, engineers, architects, etc. 
  • Traveling to construction site locations and performing field inspections of new or existing buildings during various stages of construction and remodeling to ensure compliance with applicable building codes. 
  • Maintaining accurate, complete, and current inspection records. 
  • Exercising tact and courtesy when conducting inspections and dealing with clients. 
  • Preparing reports and records data in a timely, complete, and understandable fashion. 
  • Promoting continuous quality monitoring and improvement on projects, including quality standards and practices. 
  • Ensuring that project requirements are met and compliant with inspections specifications, requirements, and policies. 
  • Operating an assigned motor vehicle; maintaining the cleanliness of and refueling of the vehicle; checking tire inflation and fluid levels; requesting or scheduling service and/or repairs as needed. 

 Required Qualifications: 

  • Valid Driver’s license with acceptable driving record.
  • State of Florida Building Inspector License – 1 & 2 family Dwelling or structural desired.
  • Must have a minimum of 5 years experience in the construction industry.


$24.00 / hr. to $32.00 / hr.

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