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Attention all contractors – requirement for silt fences
St Lucie County


As St. Lucie County enjoys growth from new home construction, we are also experiencing more complaints about stormwater runoff.

Citizens complain about sediment from new construction sites that ‘wash out’ during a rain event creating a public nuisance in the community.

The sediment can clog culverts and cause sand to wash out onto neighborhood streets and adjacent properties.

Silt fences are a common requirement for development as it is a “last line of defense” for sediment control and diverting sediment-laden stormwater.

Effective immediately, building inspectors will look for a silt fence on the property under construction.

If it is not in place, the inspection will fail and you will be advised there will be no further inspections until the silt fence is installed.

Ordinance number 00075 – National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES).

Thank you for your cooperation.

St. Lucie County Building & Code Regulation Division




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